Completed Regional Lettings - Aberdeen

01/10/2014 000P-192, 000P-191, 000P-171, 000N-191, & 000N-192 i35p, i35q, i35r, i35t & i35u Beadle, Brookings, Buffalo, Hand & Kingsbury Counties REPAIR AND REPLACE LUMINAIRE AND TRAFFIC SIGNAL POLES AT SEVERAL LOCATIONS THROUGHOUT THE HURON AREA. Abstract
09/18/2013 410A343 i36n Grant County Construct a 60' x 80' Storage Building at the SDDOT Milbank Maintenance Yard. Abstract
08/02/2013 281 SF-151 i2wd Aberdeen Replace Culvert and Approach with Asphalt Surfacing. Project located on the US281 Service Road south of Aberdeen. Abstract
07/23/2013 ER 0010(98) 0451 Grant, Marshal & Roberts Wetland Mitgation near Big Stone City, Britton and New Effignton. (This is the 2nd attempt at letting this project. All bids from the 6-25-13 letting were rejected.) Abstract
06/06/2013 012-152 & 010-151 i30d & i2xm Edmunds & Marshall PCC Repair on US12 from Ipswich to Mina and SD10 thru Britton. (Plans to be mailed on 5-23-13.) Abstract
05/31/2013 212-152 i30q Faulk County Process In Place Shoulders of US212 East of Faulkton. (Plans to be mailed 5-13-13.) Abstract
04/26/2013 010-168 i2vt Brown County Replace Wood Spacer Blocks on Bridge Railing. Project located on SD10 across the James River. (Plans mailed 4-3-13.) Abstract
04/26/2013 000i-171 i2vu Region Wide Annual Region Wide Guardrail Repair Contract for FY2014.(Plans mailed 4-3-13.) Abstract
04/05/2013 410A319 i2vd Sisseton Concrete Approach Slab for Storage Building at the SDDOT Sisseton Maintenance Yard. (Plans mailed 3-19-13.) Abstract
03/22/2013 012-169 i2ve Aberdeen Replace Traffic Signal Mast Arm at the Intersection of US 12 and US281 in Aberdeen. (Plans to be mailed on 3-1-13.) Abstract
02/22/2013 000p-151 i2tu Aberdeen Replace Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet at US12/Roosevelt Intersection in Aberdeen. (Plans mailed 1-30-13.) Abstract
01/25/2013 410A317 i2ue Hayti Remove Asphalt Concrete and Asphalt Concrete Resurfacing at the Hayti SDDOT Maintenance Yard. (Plans mailed 1-8-13.) Abstract
01/18/2013 NH-PS 0012(145)387 045A Milbank, SD Furnish Traffic Signal and Luminaire Poles. (Plans mailed on 12-28-12.) Abstract
08/21/2012 NH 0083(56)212 03YU Faulk County Wetland Mitigation. Project site NE of Faulkton. (Plans to be mailed 8-9-12.) Abstract
08/07/2012 012-151 & 012 W-151 i26p & i27q Aberdeen Install Concrete Channel along US12 in west Aberdeen. (Plans to be mailed 7-23-12.) Abstract
08/03/2012 029 N-172 i1X0 Roberts County Install Culvert along railroad line under I-29 near Exit 246. (Plans to be mailed 7-17-12.) Abstract
07/13/2012 P 0011(00)02 03R1 Brown, Day & Marshall Inslope Repair on US12, SD10, & SD25. (Plans to be mailed 6-20-12.) Abstract
06/15/2012 P 0011(00)01 03R0 Edmunds County Inslope Repair on SD47 North of Bowdle and on US12 East of Bowdle. (Plans to be mailed on 5-29-12.) Abstract
06/08/2012 000I-171 i2k0 Aberdeen Region Aberdeen Region FY2013 Guardrail Repair Contract. (Plans to be mailed 5-22-12.) Abstract
05/04/2012 410A316 i2jy Hayti Install Concrete Approach slab adjactent to SDDOT Maintenance Shop in Hayti. (Plans to be mailed on 4-17-12.) Abstract
03/30/2012 127-172 i2gg Roberts County Replece Twin 54" Culverts on SD127 west of New Effington. (Plans mailed 3-12-12.) Abstract
03/23/2012 029 N-168 i24d Codington County Impact Damage Repair to structure over I-29 at MRM 183.9. (Plans mailed on 3-2-12.) Abstract
02/17/2012 410A297 Clark Salvage and Stockpile Asphalt Mix and Granular Base Material, Placing Base Course Salvage, & Asphalt Concrete Surfacing at Clark SDDOT Maintenance Yard. Abstract
10/04/2011 081-171 i2e6 Watertown Install sawed in Traffic Signal Dectector Loops at the intersection of US81 & 1st Ave S in Watertown. (Plans mailed 9-22-11.) Abstract
07/22/2011 410A303 Ipswich Salvage & Stockpile Asphalt mix & Granular Base, grading & Asphalt Concrete Surfacing. (Plans mailed 7-6-11.) Abstract
06/08/2011 012 W-151, 012 E-151, 012-151, 025-151, 025-151, 025-151 i2bl, i2bm, i2bn, i2bf, i2be, i2c3 Day, Clark, & Marshall Counties inslope repair US 12 & SD 25 (mail 5/27/11.) Abstract
06/08/2011 12 W-151, 012 E-151, 010-151,010-151 & 037-151 i2bj, i2bk, i2bb, i2bc, & i2bh Brown & Marshall Inslope repair US 12 SD 10 & SD 37 (mailed 5-27-11). Abstract
06/07/2011 247-152 & 253-152 i2bd & i2bg Edmunds inslope repair, grade raise, asphalt concrete paving on SD 253 & 247. (plans mailed 5-26-11.) Abstract
06/02/2011 021-171 i2bq Hamlin County Emergency Repairs to SD 21 south of Hayti. Contact Matt Brey for additional details or plans. Abstract
06/02/2011 029 S-171 & 029 N-171 i25a & i25b Deuel Riprap inslopes of Rest Area Lagoon and other Lagoon modifications. (Plans mailed 5-18-11.) Abstract
05/27/2011 012-152 i2c4 Edmunds County Emergency Grade Raise on US 12 East of Roscoe using Pit Run Material. Contact Mark Peterson for additional information and plans. Abstract
05/25/2011 020-168 i24n Codington County Bridge Column Repair at the SD20/I-29 Interchange Exit 193. (Plans mailed 5-9-11.) Abstract
05/25/2011 029 N-172, 029 S-172, 081-171, 081-171, 212-171, 012-172, 014 W-171, 014 E-171, & 014-171 i26w, i26x, i26y, i26z, i27a, i27b, i27c, i27d, & Brookings, Codington, Deuel, Hamlin, Grant & Roberts Counties Spot Concrete Pavement Repair throughout the Watertown Area. (Plans mailed 5-9-11.) Abstract
05/25/2011 020-151, 037-151, 010-151, 037-151, & 037-151 i27r, i27s, i27t, i27v & i27w Brown & Spink Counties Repair Inslopes on SD10 and SD37 at various locations. (Plans Mailed 5-11-11.) Abstract
05/20/2011 000I-171 i27m Aberdeen Region FY2012 Region Wide Guardrail Repair Contract. (Plans to be mailed 5-2-11.) Abstract
05/20/2011 012-151 & 012W-151 i26p & i27q Brown County Install concrete ditch liner near the junction of US12 & US281 in Aberdeen. (Plans to be mailed 5-5-11.) Abstract
04/08/2011 010-151 i26s Brown County Emergency Inslope Repair on SD10. Abstract
10/12/2010 037-151, 010-152, 045-152 & 212-152 i1zt, i1zu, i1zv & i1zw Brown, Faulk, & McPherson Counties Culvert Repair at various locations in the Aberdeen Area. (Plans mailed 9-30-10.) Abstract
10/01/2010 012 W-151 i20f Day County Inslope repair along West Bound Lane on US 12, just west of Holmquist. (Plans to be mailed 9-20-10.) Abstract
09/23/2010 IM 0294(54)121 01LT Roberts County Replace I29 Fence in Roberts County. (Plans to be mailed 8-30-10.) (Note-Prequalification of Bidders is Required.) Abstract
09/10/2010 020-192 i1kw Spink County Riprap Guide Bank on SD20 at the James River. (Plans mailed 8-24-10.) Abstract
07/29/2010 010-151 i1w0 Brown County Inslope Repair and Protection on SD Hwy 10 just East of Houghton. (Plans mailed 7-8-10.) Abstract
06/18/2010 000i-171 i1v8 Aberdeen Region Annual Region Wide Guardrail Repair Contract. (Plans mailed 6-1-10.) Abstract
06/17/2010 410A232 Aberdeen Region SDDOT Complex Asphalt Surfacing, Grading, Curb and Gutter, and Sanitary Sewer Replacement at the Aberdeen Region SDDOT Yard Complex. (Plans mailed 6-1-10.) Abstract
05/27/2010 037-151 i1sv Brown County Inslope Repair on SD37 North of Groton. (Plans mailed 5-6-10.) Abstract
05/27/2010 281 S-151, 012-151 & 012-152 i1py, i1pz & i1qo Brown & Edmunds Counties Concrete Pavement Repair on US 12 and US 281. (Plans mailed 5-7-10.) Abstract
05/27/2010 029 N-171, 029 S-171, 029N-172, 029 S-172, 014 W-171... i1tk, i1tl, i1tm, i1tn.... Brookings, Codington, Deuel, Hamlin, & Roberts Countities. Concrete Pavement Repair on various routes. (Plans mailed 5-7-10.) Abstract
05/27/2010 012-151 i1ut Day County Repair inslope erosion with Riprap on US 12 across Rush Lake. (Plans mailed 5-11-10.) Abstract
10/09/2009 HR Z618(01) 02JF Roberts County Supply, Install and Calibrate Weigh Scale at the Port of Entry North of Sisseton. (Plans to be mailed 9-24-09.) Abstract
10/02/2009 IM 0296(30)157 01ZC Deuel, Hamlin & Codington Fence Replacement on I29 from Exit 157 to Exit 185. (Plans to be mailed 8-28-09.) Abstract
09/25/2009 IM 0297(35)185 01ZD Codington, Grant & Roberts Fence Replacmeent on I29 from Exit 185 to Exit 213. (Plans to be mailed 8-28-09.) Abstract
06/26/2009 029 S-171 i1gy Deuel County Repair Wastewater Lagoon at I-29 Hidewood Rest Area. (Plans mailed 6-3-09.) Abstract
06/26/2009 029 N-172 i1gz Roberts County Repair Wastewater Lagoon at I-29 Whetstone Valley Rest Area. (Plans mailed 6-3-09.) Abstract
06/25/2009 281 S-151 & 281 N-151 i1fz & i1g0 Brown & Spink Counties Replace Mainline Cross Pipe and Pipe Repair on US 281 South of Aberdeen. (Plans mailed 6-10-09.) Abstract
06/19/2009 IM 0294(53)127 01LS Brookings & Moody Counties Replacement of Interstate Fencing. (Plans mailed 5-27-09.) Abstract
06/05/2009 00i-171 i1ha Aberdeen Region Aberdeen Region Wide Guardrail Repair Contract. (Plans to be mailed 5-14-2009). Abstract
05/01/2009 014 E-191, 014 W-191 & 037-191 i1eq, i1er & i1es Beadle County PCC Pavement Repair on US14 and SD37 in Huron. (Plans mailed on 4-13-09.) Abstract
04/03/2009 029 N-171, 029 S-171, 029 N-172, 029S-172, 014-171, 014 E-171, 014 W-171 & 212-171 i16s, i16t, i16u, i16v, i16w, i16x, i16y, i16z, i1 Brookings, Codington, Deuel & Roberts Counties Spot Concrete Pavement Repair. (Plans to be mailed 3-17-09.) Abstract
03/27/2009 029 S-172 i18z Roberts County Paint Picnic Shelters at I29 Rest Area. (Plans mailed on 3-13-09) Abstract
02/27/2009 410A265 Watertown Approach Slab to Cold Storage Building at Watertown SDDOT Maintenance Yard. Abstract
02/20/2009 212 E-171 i1dd Watertown Replace Traffic Signal Cabinet Back Panel at US 212 and 29th Street. (Plans mailed 2-3-09.) Abstract
01/23/2009 012-151 i1dc Aberdeen Replace Luminaire Pole Base Couplers on US12 (6th Ave) in Aberdeen. (Plans to be mailed 1-2-09.) Abstract
01/23/2009 PH-NH-EM 0081(30)155 01YZ Codington County Furnish Traffic Signal Poles, Mast Arms, Luminaire Extensions and Luminaire Poles. (Plans mailed 1-8-09.) Abstract
11/25/2008 411A450 Brown County Furnish and Install Luminaire Poles at Aberdeen Region SDDOT Office Complex. Abstract
09/16/2008 P 0015(70)179 01X1 Grant County 144 Inch Corrugated Metal Pipe Repair, Riprap Installation and ROW Abstract
09/16/2008 P 6608(02) i0zf Deuel County Down Spout Restoration. Abstract
09/12/2008 IM 0296(29)164 01WY HAMLIN COUNTY Repair Impact Damage to I29 bridge over SD Hwy 22 in Hamlin County. Abstract
09/05/2008 1571S i1ag Day County 5000 Ton Deicing Sand Stockpile at Webster SDDOT Maintenance Yard. (Plans mailed 8-22-08.) Abstract
08/22/2008 029 S-172 i18z Roberts County Sand Balst and Paint Picnic Shelter buildings and the Glacial Lakes (Victor) Interstate Rest Area. (Plans to be mailed 7-18-08.) Abstract
08/01/2008 029 N-172 i19a Roberts County Remove and Replace Vanities at Whetstone Valley (Wilmot) Interstate Rest Area. (Plans to be mailed 7-18-08.) Abstract
07/25/2008 029 N-171, 029 S-171, 029 N-172, 029 S-172, 014-171, 014 E-171, 014 W-171, 081-171, 212-171 & 012-17 i16s, i16t, i16u, i16v, i16w, i16x, i16y, i16z, i1 Brookings, Codington, Deuel, Grant, Hamlin, Moody & Roberts Counties Spot Concrete Pavement Repair. (Plans to be mailed 7-11-08.) Abstract
07/02/2008 010-172 i0zd Roberts County Drain Tile Installation. --------NO BIDS RECEIVED------- Abstract
07/02/2008 029 N-168, 029 S-168, 029 N-172 & 029 S-172 i0zp Codington, Grant & Roberts Counties Bridge Deck Spall Repair on I29. (Plans mailed 6-12-08.) Abstract
06/27/2008 1951S & 1942S i0ys & i0yr Beadle & Hand Counties Deicing Sand Stockpiles in Huron and Miller. (Plans mailed 6-11-08.) Abstract
06/27/2008 1581S i0yx Brown County Deicing Sand Stockpile in Aberdeen. (Plans mailed 6-11-08.) Abstract
06/27/2008 1771S i13h Brookings County Deicing Sand Stockpile in Brookings. (Plans mailed 6-11-08.) Abstract
05/23/2008 IM 0294(52)121 01LR Brookings & Moody Counties Fence Removal and Replacement on I29 from Exit 121 to Exit 132. (Plans to be mailed 4-30-08.) Abstract
12/07/2007 NH 0212(135)379 01NV Watertown Furnish Traffic Signal Poles, Mast Arms and Luminaire Extensions. (Plans to be mailed 11-15-07.) Abstract
12/07/2007 029 N-171 i0ur Aberdeen Region Regionwide Guardrail Repair Contract. (Plans to be mailed 11-9-07.) Abstract
09/12/2007 281-192 i0q8 Spink County Slope Repair on US281 North of Tulare. (Plans to be mailed 8-29-07.) Abstract
09/07/2007 1771S i0sy Brookings 5,000 Tons Deicing Sand Stockpile at Brookings SDDOT Yard. (Plans to be mailed 8-17-07.) Abstract
09/07/2007 012 E-151 i0sl Brown County Inslope Repair and Erosion Protection. (Plans mailed 8-21-07). Abstract
09/07/2007 029 S-172 i0t4 Roberts County Upgrade Lighting for the Teepee at the Victor Rest Area. (Plans mailed 8-21-07.) Abstract
09/07/2007 029 S-172, 029 S-171 & 029 N-171 it08, i0t9 & i0ta Roberts & Deuel Counties Replace Vanities and Drinking Fountians at the Hidewood and Victor Rest Areas on I29. (Plans to be mailed 8-22-07.) Electronic plans will not be available for this project. Abstract
07/23/2007 410A235 Brookings Abrasive Storage Shed at new Brookings Maintenance Complex. Abstract
07/13/2007 212-171, 029 N-171, 029 S-171, 014-171, 081-171, 029 N-172, 029 S-172, 010-172 & 014-171 i0p9, i0pb, i0pa, i0pc, i0pd, i0pp, i0pq, i0pr & i Brookings, Moody, Codington, Deuel, Hamlin, Grant & Roberts Counties Spot PCC Pavement Repair throughout the Watertown Area. Abstract
07/13/2007 BRF 0027( )224 01AX Marshall County Install Twin 12'x8' Precast Concrete Box Culvert on SD27 6 miles South of Britton. Abstract
06/01/2007 014 E-191, 014 W-191 7 037-191 i0nb, i0nc & i0np Beadle County PCC Pavement Repair on US14 and SD37 in Huron. Abstract
05/18/2007 014-168, 034-168, 045-168, 212-168, 027-168 & 010-168 i0ny, i0nz, i0p0, i0p1, i0p2, i0p3, i0p4, i0p5, i0 Beadle, Buffalo, Hand, Spink, Day & Marshall Counties BRIDGE DECK EPOXY CHIP SEAL & BENT CAP RISER REPAIR. (Plans mailed on 4-30-07.) Abstract
05/18/2007 212-192 i0nm Redfield Traffic Signal Repair - Replace Pedestrian Signal Heads and Pedestrian Push Buttons. (Plans mailed 4-27-07.) Abstract
05/04/2007 029S-171, 029N-171, 029S-172, 029N-172 & 014-192 i0nd, i0ne, i0nf, i0ng, i0nh & i0nL Roberts, Deuel, Moody & Hand Counties Cold Applied Plastic Pavement Marking installation at 5 Interstate Rest Areas and on US14 in Miller. Abstract
03/30/2007 1761S i0n6 Codington County 10,000 Ton Deicing Sand Stockpile at Watertown SDDOT Yard. Abstract
03/30/2007 1971S & 1981S i0n5 & i0n4 Clark & Kingsbury Counties Deicing Sand Stockpiles at DeSmet SDDOT Maintenance Yard (3,000 Ton) and Clark SDDOT Maintenance Yard (5,000 Ton). Abstract
02/23/2007 212 W-171 i0L9 Codington County Remove Median Crossing on US212 in Watertown. Abstract
12/15/2006 029 N-171 i0ky Aberdeen Region Annual Region Wide Guardrail Repair Contract. Abstract
10/13/2006 029 N-171 Moody County Ward Rest Area Vanity Removal and Replacement. Abstract
09/11/2006 014-191 i0j3 Beadle County Repair Guardrail damaged by tornado South of Wolsey. Abstract
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