2017 Wage Survey

2017 Wage Survey

The South Dakota Department of Transportation's (SDDOT's) Labor Compliance Program is assisting the U.S. Department of Labor by conducting a Davis-Bacon wage survey of wages and fringes paid to persons working on the site of highway construction projects throughout the state of South Dakota.

The purpose of this survey is to update South Dakota's Davis-Bacon Highway Construction minimum wage rates and fringe benefit rates. It is the intent of this office to address industry labor concerns of maintaining current competitive wage rates, which is critical in recruiting and retaining skilled employees.

All contractors and subcontractors working on the site of the SDDOT's highway construction projects during the week ending June 17, 2017, will be participating in the wage survey. Companies performing non-DOT highway work in South Dakota during the week ending June 17, 2017, may voluntarily submit wage data to include in our survey. If your company does not perform any highway construction work in South Dakota during the week ending June 17, 2017, this survey will not apply to your company.

To ensure consistent collection of wage and fringe benefit survey data, the SDDOT-provided Certified Payroll Report forms must be used. The forms and instructions will be emailed or mailed by the end of May 2017, and currently are available below. New this year is an E-Learning session for completing SDDOT's payroll forms - to assist construction companies to properly report group codes, work classifications, weekly values of employer-paid fringe benefits, and ALL Projects payroll data.

Wage Survey Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can our company's payroll forms be used for the SDDOT's wage survey?

A1: No. To maintain consistent collection of wage and fringe data, the SDDOT's payroll forms must be used for the wage survey. Payrolls for week ending June 17, 2017 will not be accepted unless the SDDOTs Certified Payroll Report and SDDOT Contractor's Statement of Compliance forms are used.

Q2: How do we determine the "SDDOT's Wage Decision Date" to report on the Certified Payroll form?

A2: The Wage Decision date is listed on the "SDDOT Highway-Heavy Minimum Construction Wage Rate" sheet in your SDDOT contract or subcontract. If the contract letting date was between 11-01-2015 and the present, the turquoise Wage Decision date is 10-09-2015.

Q3: Where do we find the "Group Code" to report in Column B of SDDOT's payroll form?

A3: The 3-digit Group Code is a drop-down selection in Column B of the SDDOT Certified Payroll Report form. For the full list of SDDOT's Group Codes and correlating Work Classifications, please see South Dakota's most recent (English or Spanish Version) Davis-Bacon Highway Wage Decision at: http://www.sddot.com/business/contractors/labor/wcwr/Default.aspx

Q4: Is it ok if we report "heavy equipment operator" as the Work Class in the Column C of SDDOT's payroll form?

A4: No, you must provide a specific work class description. Examples: "GO3 Rough Grader" or "GO5 Backhoe >30T" etc. For a full list of SDDOT"s Group Codes and correlating Work Classifications, please see link above for the most recent English or Spanish version Davis-Bacon Highway Wage Decision.

Q5: If we send the week ending 06-17-2017 survey payroll(s) by email, do we also need to mail them?

A5: : No, the payrolls that you submit for the wage survey will satisfy the normal Davis-Bacon weekly payroll submission requirement. If you email your survey payrolls, you will be sent an email confirmation that your survey payroll(s) have been received.

Q6: Can we start emailing all of our future payrolls to the SDDOT?

A6: Not at this time. The SDDOT is in the process of exploring an electronic payroll submission system, which may be available in the near future.

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