HARN Map - The High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) map, shows the location of all the survey points in our state that can be used for the purpose of surveying. These monuments have, among other things, an exact location (latitude/longitude) assinged to them. If you have problems with the links from the Harn Map you can go to www.ngs.noaa.gov/FORMS/ds_pid.html and enter the PID yourself.

County Bench Mark show the location of our vertical control networks throughout the state. Each monument has an elevation above mean sea level assigned to it.

The Highway Surveying Manual presents surveyors' methods and departmental rules that apply to highway surveying operations of the South Dakota State Department of Transportation. This manual is intended to help standardize surveying practices throughout the Department and to be a useful tool for SDDOT survey crews. Updating this manual will be a continuing process and revisions will be issued periodically.

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