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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Alternative Weigh-in-Motion & Future Applications
Project Researcher: Rob Reiman,
Project Manager:
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:Heavy vehicle weight information is important for planning and designing highway pavements and assisting law enforcement. Considerations of safety, efficiency and trucker avoidance require that vehicles be weighed in motion, rather than at temporary static scale sites. At present, SDDOT collects data from a bridge weigh in motion system. Often, suitable bridges are not available at the desired sites.


Research Objectives:
1  Obtain and evaluate a weigh in motion system with suitable accuracy and capability to be used for data collection, static scale screening and possibly for enforcement on a continuous basis.
2  Select an installation site on an Interstate highway within a five mile proximity of a permanent static scale, E.G. Sioux City, Rapid City, Mitchell, etc.

Research Tasks:
1  Conduct an in-depth literature review including product specifications, independent research reports, and inquiries of other states results with specific systems.
2  Investigate the possibilities of incorporating the following features into the system. (a.) Semi-Portable, such that the weight sensor be either removable or the cost low enough to be permanently installed in more than one location. (b.)
3  Identify a WIM system which will best fit research objectives based on results from task numbers one and two.
4  Locate an installation site to best fit needs of researchers and departments who will be utilizing the system.
5  Write and submit to technical panel an interim report describing system type, predicted accuracy, calibration, cost, installation procedure and location, before purchase is made.
6  Install system after technical panel approval of system and location.
7  Evaluate and document system performance in final report to include: method of testing, accuracy, ease of use, installation, calibration, reliability, and recommendations for future purchases.

Documents Available:
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