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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Rapid Determination of Soil Consolidation
Project Researcher: Allen Marr,
Project Manager: Paul Orth
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:The conventional AASHTO T-216 standard method of determining soil consolidation is a lengthy process. The SDDOT Geotechnical Lab has neither the time nor the manpower to do the desired amount of testing with the existing equipment and procedures. If possible, a shorter method of conducting this test with acceptable accuracy would be beneficial.


Research Objectives:
1  Develop and verify an accelerated consolidation test procedure (using modified SDDOT equipment) that correlates to AASHTO T-216 standard.
2  Develop a data analysis program to process test data into consolidation parameters.

Research Tasks:
1  Conduct an up to date literature review concerning consolidation testing techniques including inquiries of other state DOT's procedures.
2  Develop an accelerated consolidation test procedure that: (A.)will use existing SDDOT Geotechnical Lab equipment without major modifications (B.)will be compatible with the standard SDDOT 2 inch soil sample and the 2.5 inch thin wall tube sample (
3  Modify existing SDDOT consolidation testing machine (Karol Warner model 350) to accommodate accelerated test procedure.
4  Verify accelerated testing results by direct comparison with AASHTO T-216 standard test.
5  Write a users manual to support testing procedure and equipment set-up.
6  Develop user friendly, menu-driven data processing software for the IBM PC, compatible with HGA and VGA video adapters. Document with source code and users manual.
7  Submit a final report summarizing relevant literature, research methodology, findings and conclusions.
8  Provide training session at SDDOT Geotechnical Lab to familiarize personnel with test procedure and data processing program.

Documents Available:
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