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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Pavement Expansion Joint Design & Maintenance
Project Researcher: ,
Project Manager: Daris Ormesher
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:South Dakota Department of Transportation employs growth joints to relieve expansive stresses for two different applications:
  1. Portland cement growth joints at bridge ends: Currently growth joints at bridge approach slabs are performing with mixed results. The joint is working but the joint filler material requires regular maintenance.

  2. Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement growth joints: Expansion (or "growth") joints have been installed in PCC pavements at various spacings to relieve expansion stresses to prevent damage to pavement and structures. The growth joints require considerable maintenance and are leading to deterioration of adjacent pavement and a considerable reduction in ride quality. These joints have not minimized the problem with blow-ups.

Research is needed to determine effectiveness of growth joints, to examine the use of approved materials in construction, establish guidelines for use of growth joints and to develop an effective growth joint design.


Research Objectives:
1  Determine the need for growth joints in PCC pavements including consideration for roadway grade and curvature.
2  Determine if Growth joints are an effective means to minimize blow-ups in PCC pavements.
3  Evaluate performance of various growth joint systems and materials at bridge approach slabs.
4  Develop effective design/s with minimal maintenance costs.

Research Tasks:
1  Meet with the Technical Panel to review the work and scheduling.
2  Review and summarize relevant literature concerning expansion joints at bridge approach slabs and portland cement concrete pavement growth joints.
3  Growth joints at bridge approach slabs: (a.)Inspect and evaluate performance of existing growth joint systems and materials. (b.)Propose for panel approval, innovative materials and/or designs to be installed as test sections. (c.)Monitor and e
4  PCC pavement growth joints: (a.)Inspect and evaluate performance of existing growth joint systems and materials. (b.)Determine effectiveness of growth joints in minimizing blow-ups. (c.)Propose for panel approval, innovative materials and/or de
5  Recommend changes to policies, procedures and specifications for growth joints at bridge approach slabs and PCC pavement growth joints.
6  Submit a executive summary and final report summarizing the literature review, research methodology, findings and conclusions.
7  Present findings and conclusions to SDDOT Research Review Board at conclusion of project.

Documents Available:

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