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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Investigation of US212 Rehabilitation
Project Researcher: Daris Ormesher, SDDOT
Project Manager:
Research Period: -
Status: Approved
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:After completion in 1988, heaves on transverse cracks developed, on an approximately 19 mile section of US Highway 212 from LaPlant to the Missouri River, and have resulted in unacceptably rough rideability and reduced safety. Due to the unusual severity of the heave problem, a method of remediation needs to be identified that will equilibrate the subgrade moisture content and result in improved rideability and safety. A range of remedial measures for US Highway 212 were outlined in SDDOT Research Study SD92-11 entitled "Heaves at Transverse Cracks in Asphalt Concrete Pavement." Eight remediation methods are being considered and will be tested over a three mile section of US Highway 212.

Research is needed to determine the effectiveness of subgrade moisture equilibration, identify the most cost effective remediation method, and recommend a remediation method for implementation on US Highway 212.


Research Objectives:
1  Determine the effectiveness of subgrade moisture equilibration for each test section.
2  Identify the most cost effective remediation method.
3  Recommend implementation of a remediation method for US Highway 212.

Research Tasks:
1  Review and summarize relevant literature and data regarding the effectiveness of remediation methods in other states with a similar problem.
2  Perform in depth crack survey 500 foot intervals within each proposed test section.
3  Monitor the installation of each test section. This will include the determination of moisture contents and densities on material used in regraded test sections.
4  Perform periodic field measurements for a minimum of 12 months to monitor road profiles, subgrade moisture contents (transverse and longitudinal), and frost depth.
5  Compile climatological data over the course of the investigation.
6  Submit a final report, including an executive summary, summarizing the literature, research methodology, findings, conclusions and recommendations for implementation of a remediation method for US Highway 212.
7  Present findings and conclusions to SDDOT Research Review Board upon completion of the project.

Documents Available:

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