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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Design Methods for Jointed FRC Pavement
Project Researcher: Yongxin Liu,
Project Manager: Dan Strand
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:The technical panel reviewed the final report, "Thickness Design for Jointed Fiber Reinforced Concrete Highway and Street Pavements," submitted by Yongxin Liu, SDDOT. Mr. Liu has done a good job in laying the groundwork for modifying the Portland Cement Association (PCA) Pavement Thickness Design Method for use with fiber reinforced concrete (FRC). His modification techniques should be applicable with any type of fiber reinforcement.

For this research project, concrete reinforced with hooked-end steel fibers at an addition rate of 0.5% by volume was used to demonstrate how the PCA Pavement Thickness Design Method can be modified to take advantage of enhanced concrete fatigue properties. However, the researcher was unable to determine how to incorporate enhanced flexural toughness, ductility, and impact strength into the modified pavement design method since there is no documentation available on how to use these properties in design problems.

The researcher recommends that, for any specific FRC, the fatigue endurance limit, fatigue S-N curve, and strength gain factor should be determined from test data before doing any thickness design and that further research is needed to establish the degree of load transfer across joints and uncontrolled cracks.


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