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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Improvement of the Materials Certification Process
Project Researcher: Erland Lukanen, Braun Intertec
Project Manager: Dan Johnston
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:This project was performed by Cameron Kruse and Erland Lukanen of Braun Intertec Corporation. This project generated a great deal of diverse and intense opinion, depending on the involvement of various panel members in the materials certification process. As a result, the panel felt that the researchers did not achieve the outcome the panel had originally hoped for in terms of final consensus for the improvement of our materials certification process. It is doubtful that any conclusions and recommendations the researchers came up with would have achieved this goal. The researchers conducted a survey of other states practices, examined the process we currently employ for certification and interviewed Departmental personnel statewide to get an understanding of how our process could be improved. They could not, however, attain a level of understanding sufficient to outline a comprehensive, item-by-item revamping of our materials certification process with the time and money available. The final report for the project does provide a template for reorganizing the process even though the panel does not agree with all of the recommendations from the research. The researchers did complete most of the tasks required for the project and accomplish the objectives of the research, but the final decisions and modifications to the materials certification process must be made by Departmental personnel.


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