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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Oversize/Overweight Issuance by Computer
Project Researcher: Carl Kurt, EnGraph
Project Manager: Dan Strand
Research Period: -
Cost: $0.00

Problem Statement:The SDDOT and the SD Highway Patrol spend considerable time issuing oversize and overweight vehicle permits. The bulk of the time is consumed in route selection and bridge calculations necessary to safely direct the permitted vehicle to its destination. Permit issuance may involve a complex routing and verification process in which the permit authority uses various criteria including clearance and capacity information. Human errors can occur due to the complexities involved in this process. An automated system would decrease human errors and reduce the work load of permitting authorities and personnel in the Office of Bridge Design. It would enhance efficiency by allowing quicker issuance of permits. The improved accuracy of automated routing would promote safety for the traveling public, reduce bridge and highway damage due to miscalculations, and limit inappropriate application of route restrictions.

An ideal automated routing and permitting system at a minimum would:

  • be user friendly and would determine an appropriate route considering vehicle size, weight, axle configuration and temporary construction constraints;

  • for overweight vehicles, analyze each bridge on the route using the vehicles axle weights and geometry;

  • for oversize vehicles, apply route limiting clearance criteria;

  • generate the permit, store pertinent information in a manageable data base and transmit the permit to the permittee;

  • be compatible with South Dakotas computer interfaces, data base formats and network architectures.

  • Findings:

    Research Objectives:
    1  Determine the need and justification for automating South Dakota's oversize/overweight vehicle permitting operation.
    2  Define functional and data requirements for automated routing and permitting systems.
    3  Propose software and hardware solutions, organizational changes and procedures for adapting an automated routing and permitting system to South Dakota's present and future financial, operational, and information processing environment.

    Research Tasks:
    1  Meet with technical panel to review the project scope and work plan.
    2  Conduct a literature review on automated routing and permit issuance systems. Include interviews with other states for information on systems in use or proposed.
    3  Interview South Dakota personnel involved in permitting to quantify and outline the existing permit process.
    4  Determine required data input for support of an automated system and compare these needs with existing South Dakota data bases. Identify which data elements will be needed, where they are located and what is missing.
    5  Identify and evaluate applicable software solutions considering costs and implementation requirements. Perform cost-benefit analysis for adaptation of automated systems considering the benefit of improved public services, efficiency, reduction of So
    6  Perform cost-benefit analysis for adaptation of automated systems considering the benefit of improved public services, efficiency, reduction of South Dakota's liability due to increased accuracy in routings and other pertinent benefits and recommend
    7  Provide an interim report to the technical panel showing recommended solutions, associated costs and results of cost benefit analysis.
    8  Based on recommendation of technical panel, conduct a demonstration and critique of the recommended system with technical panel.
    9  Prepare a final report, including findings, methods, conclusions, and recommendations.
    10  Make an executive presentation to the SDDOT Research Review Board at the end of the project.

    Documents Available:
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