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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: Causes of Early Pavement Deterioration or Failure
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Project Manager: Daris Ormesher
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Problem Statement:Early pavement failure can cause unexpected maintenance costs and repairs can cause unnecessary delays for the traveling public. Pavements that fail within the first couple of years are problems that are dealt with swiftly, often resulting in procedural, materials and design changes. However, there are pavements that do not perform as expected but are not considered complete failures. The new AASHTO design guide addresses early pavement failure by recommending the use of mechanistic-empirical design procedures. These procedures take into account climate, aging, present day materials, and present day vehicle loadings. This capability should reduce performance variation and reduce life cycle costs significantly over an entire highway network. The design guide indicated that premature failures result in an average annual savings of pavement rehabilitation costs of $1.14 billion per year over the next 50 years. This analysis was based on a design life of 20 years and the assumptions that the percentage of early pavement failures (pavement life of less than 10 years) would drop from 5 percent to 0.5 percent.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation needs to evaluate their current pavement design life with the actual in the field design life. It is necessary to quantify the number of pavements that do not reach the expected design life.


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