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South Dakota Department of Transportation
Project Synopsis

Title: South Dakota Automated Commercial Vehicle Permitting System Enhancements
Project Researcher: Daniel Vogen,
Project Manager: Hal Rumpca
Research Period: 5/14/2007 - 9/30/2007
Cost: $125,600.00

Problem Statement:The Motor Carrier Services unit of the South Dakota Highway Patrol (SDHP) issues all commercial vehicle permits in South Dakota using the South Dakota Automated [Commercial Vehicle] Permitting System (SDAPS). SDAPS, which was developed for SDHP and the Department of Transportation by C. W. Beilfuss & Associates (a subsidiary of Bentley Systems, Inc.), was deployed for internal use in 2003 and for Internet access by motor carriers in 2004.

Bentley Systems, Inc. continues to provide support for ongoing maintenance and enhancement of SDAPS, which is based upon its proprietary SUPERLOAD software for identifying safe routes for oversize/overweight vehicles over suitable pavements and bridges. SDAPS also contains customized modules for administration of South Dakotas specific commercial vehicle permits and for electronically collecting and tracking permit fees.

After three years of use, SDHP has identified several needed enhancements to SDAPS:

  • The definition of the South Dakota highway network needs to be expanded to include interchange structuress and ramps on Interstate and other state highways, as well as interchanges with local roads, to ensure safe routing of oversize/overweight loads.

  • A tool is needed to graphically compare updated highway network definitions with prior versions to help ensure that the permitting system accurately portrays the state highway system.

  • The basis of bridge rating and capacity analysis needs to be switched from the now outdated Bridge Analysis Rating System (BARS) to the Virtis structural analysis system now used by the Department of Transportation.

  • Permitting enhancements are needed to enable the electronic screening system at the Jefferson Port of Entry to recognize permitted oversize/overweight loads.

  • Reporting enhancements are needed to allow additional options for monitoring and storing permit and routing data.

    This work is needed to accomplish the identified enhancements and maintain full functionality of SDAPS.


    Research Objectives:
    1  To expand the definition of South Dakota's highway network in the South Dakota Automated Permitting System (SDAPS) to include interchange structures and ramps on Interstate and other state highways and connections with local roads.
    2  To develop a visualization tool to graphically compare the highway network definition in SDAPS with prior definitions.
    3  To change the basis of bridge rating and capacity analysis from the Bridge Analysis Rating System (BARS) to the Virtis structural analysis system.
    4  To enhance permit and reporting enhancements to allow additional options for monitoring and storing permit and routing data and to support permit types necessary for electronic screening at the Jefferson Port of Entry.

    Research Tasks:
    1  Meet with the project's technical panel to review the project scope and work plan.
    2  Using highway network definition files provided by the Department of Transportation, add ramps to the SDAPS highway network and display them when a trip is routed.
    3  Configure interchanges in the permitting system to be SUPERNodes instead of multiple, related single node interchanges.
    4  Add interchanges with local roads and define the allowable movements through the interchanges.
    5  Provide a network build tool with the ability to visualize differences between the newly performed build and previous builds.
    6  Develop a BridgeKey Connector process to extract individual bridges from the Virtis BRIDGEWare database into a SUPERLOAD transfer file.
    7  Extract all the current Virtis structural models used by the Department of Transportation, validate the data, and use that data to populate the SUPERLOAD Bridge database.
    8  Enhance the permitting system to support additional permit types needed for roadside credentialing and electronic screening.
    9  Provide enhanced reporting capabilities for permitting applications processed both by Motor Carrier Services personnel and by applicants via the Internet.
    10  Modify SDAPS documentation to accurately describe all changes made.

    Documents Available:

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