How are highways financed?

Federal and State funding for highways mostly comes from highway users in the form of motor fuel taxes, motor vehicle registration fees and compensatory fees paid by commercial carriers. Although it is not common, federal general funds were used to pay back the federal Highway Trust Fund for lost interest and principle used to offset the federal deficit in the past. In addition, recent projects built with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Program) funding used federal general funds. No property taxes are used to finance the construction or maintenance of the State Highway System.

How do I find out what construction projects are coming up?

The SDDOT has a 5 year program called the STIP.

Does the State of South Dakota license contractors?

A Highway Contractor's license is required by any contractor who plans to perform work on Federal, State and/or county roads. This license is obtained from the Department of Revenue, Business Tax Division. (605)773-3311.

Do corporations register with the DOT?

No, corporations need to register with the Secretary of State's Office, Corporations Division. (605) 773-4845

Whom do I contact for driveway/approach permit information?

Contact your local Area DOT Office.

Where do I get information on Outdoor billboards and the TODS and LOGOS Business Sign Program?

Contact the appropriate Region Office.

Whom do I contact for more information about local roads within my County?

Contact your local County Highway Superintendent.

Whom do I contact for more information about local roads with my City?

Contact your local City Engineer or Mayor.

How does my group "Adopt-A-Highway"?

You need to contact the Area Office closest to your location (city).

Where do I get Motor Carrier information, including permits for overweight or oversize vehicles?

Visit www.sdtruckinfo.com for all your motor carrier and permitting needs.

How can I get a state tourist map?

Visit www.travelsd.com or call (605) 773-3301 or 1-800-S-DAKOTA (Tourism).

Whom do I contact for additional information?

Call (605) 773-3265.

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