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Adopt-A-Highway Permit to Occupy the ROW

Aircraft Annual Registration

Aircraft Dealer License Application

Aircraft Original Registration Application

Airport/Heliport Operating License Application

Application for Relinquishment of Access Control (DOT-166B)

Application for Highway Access Permit (Approach Permit)

Business Signs on Specific & Supplemental Information Panels

Consultant Ranking Sheet

EEO 1391 - Excel or Adobe PDF

Instructions for the EEO #1391

Contractor Prequalification Statement Form

Contractor's Prequalification Line of Credit Statement

Contractor Certification of DBE Payments

DBE Activity Report for Transit Projects

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Form

Drainage Manual Revision Request Form for S.D.

Economic Development Grant Application

HDS for Local Transportation Program Projects

HDS for State Projects Completed By Consultants

HDS for State Projects Completed In-House

Highway Use Deed - (ROW)

SDDOT Internal Control Questionnaire

Labor - Certified Payroll Report (MSExcel 97) w/instructions & FAQ

Labor - Statement of Compliance Form

Lien Filing Form Corporation

Lien Filing Form Individual

Lien Filing Form LLC

Lien Filing Form Parnership

Map Request Form

Memorial Highway and Auto Tour Route Signs Application

Mowing Permit for Interstate Highway Right-of-Way

Mowing Waiver by Abutting Landowner

Municipal Wayfinding Sign Program

Outdoor Advertising Permit Application (Billboards)

Overhead Pole and Wire Occupancy Application

Permit to Occupy the Right-of-Way

Application for At-Grade Crossing

  • Application for Lease of Property
  • Railroad Temporary Right of Entry and Occupancy

    Railroad Pipe Line Application

    Request to Sublet Work

    RTAP Request Form

    RTAP Reimbursement Form

    Signature Authorization (MSWord 97)

    State Infrastructure Bank Initial Project Application

    Tall Structures Application and Instructions

    Tourist Oriented Directional Signing Application

    Utility Consultant Approval

    Utility Permit Application

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