Transportation Alternatives

Derek Englund, Transportation Alternatives Coordinator, 605.773.4912

Transportation Alternatives (TA) is authorized by the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) and is a set-aside of Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) program funding. TA includes the Safe Routes to School, Scenic Byways and Recreation Trails Programs. These project types should all be submitted under this TA call for Letters of Intent. These set-aside funds include all projects and activities that were previously eligible under the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), encompassing a variety of smaller-scale transportation projects such as pedestrian and bicycle facilities, recreational trails, safe routes to school projects, community improvements such as historical preservation and vegetation management, and environmental mitigation related to stormwater and habitat connectivity.

Approximately $2.1 million is available through this competitive grant process administered by the South Department of Transportation (SDDOT) Office of Project Development. Each grant will be for a maximum of $400,000, although the SDDOT may approve a larger amount for phased projects. The minimum grant amount for infrastructure projects is $50,000. There is no set minimum grant amount for non-infrastructure projects. There is an 18.05% minimum local match requirement for each project.

A full description of the TA is available in the Transportation Alternatives Summary and Application Guide.

Transportation Alternatives Program Funding Available

2018 Grant Applications -- Due September 30, 2017

Application forms are now available for Transportation Alternatives (TA). The TA is a grant program that uses federal transportation funds, designated by Congress, for specific activities that enhance the intermodal transportation system and provide safe alternative transportation options.

The submittal of the Letter of Intent form, downloadable below, is a mandatory requirement in order to be eligible to submit a full application for funding. The Letter of Intent form submittal deadline is July 14, 2017. This will be the only call for Letters of Intent for the 2018 Fiscal Year

Letter of Intent

Following the receipt of the Letters of Intent, on-site meetings with project sponsors will be scheduled prior to August 18, 2017.

Application Information

In order to be eligible to submit a full application for funding, an applicant must have previously submitted a Letter of Intent form and completed a site visit or project call with the SDDOT. The Transportation Alternatives Application documents are available for download below. Please note there are three components that need to be downloaded as part of the Application: the SDDOT TA 2018 Application document, the SDDOT TA 2018 Scope of Services document and SDDOT TA 2018 Scope of Work document. All three documents are required as part of the complete Application. Please see the Application documents and the Transportation Alternatives Summary and Application Guide for additional guidance

SDDOT TA 2018 Application

SDDOT TA 2018 Scope of Services

SDDOT TA 2018 Scope of Work

The completed, three-part Grant Application with supporting documents must be electronically submitted to the SDDOT, as explained in the application, no later than 5 p.m. Central Time, September 30, 2017.

Requests for additional information, site visits and/or meetings on potential projects should be directed to Derek Englund by phone at 605-773-4912 or by email at Derek.Englund@state.sd.us.

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