2008 Art Contest

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This year's theme for the contest was "Design an Aviation Stamp". We had many submissions and it was difficult choosing our winners. Each person will receive a prize purchased by the South Dakota Pilots Association and the Office of Local Transportation Programs-Aeronautics and a laminated copy of their poster. Below are pictures of the winners' submissions which will also be published in our co-sponsor's news letter, the South Dakota Pilots Association News.

2008 Contest Winners - Theme: Design an Aviation Stamp

6-9 Age Group

1st Place Ages 6-9
1st Place 6-9
1st Place - Katherine Bogue
Faith School

2nd Place Ages 6-9
2nd Place 6-9
2nd Place - Sam Schleich
Hanson School

3rd Place Ages 6-9
3rd Place 6-9
3rd Place - Madisen Grenstinor
Wall Elementary

10-13 Age Group

1st Place Ages 10-13
1st Place 10-13
1st Place - Devin Steinert
Marion Public School

2nd Place Ages 10-13
2nd Place 10-13
2nd Place - Talea Black Tail Deer
Oelrichs Public School

3rd Place Ages 10-13
3rd Place 10-13
3rd Place - Peyton Smit
Dupree Elementary

14-17 Age Group

1st Place Ages 14-17
1st Place 14-17
1st Place - Kelly Bahm
Mitchell High School

2nd Place Ages 14-17
2nd Place 14-17
2nd Place - Jesse Dienert
Pollock School

3rd Place Ages 14-17
3rd Place 14-17
3rd Place - Phillip Dreaming Bear
Oelrichs Public School

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