Flight Aids

This page is devoted to information for pilots who fly in South Dakota. Below you will find:

List of Navigation Aids, Weather and Flight Services

Preflight planning

Also, pilots can view aeronautical maps of South Dakota.

Flight Plan Sequence
1. Type of Aircraft 10. Remarks
2. Aircraft Identification 11. Estimated Route Time
3. Aircraft Type 12. Fuel on Board
4. True Airspeed (Knots) 13. Alternate Airports
5. Point of Departure 14. Pilot's Name
6. Departure Time (Z) 15. Pilot's Address
7. Initial Cruising Altitude 16. Number of Persons Aboard
8. Route of Flight 17. Color of Aircraft
9. Destination 18. Flight Watch Stations

Hazardous In-Flight Weather Advisory Service (HIWAS)

This is a continuous broadcast of in-flight weather advisories including summarized AWW, SIGMET's, convective SIGMET's, CWA's, AIRMET's and urgent PIREP's. Air Route Traffic Control Centers, Terminal ATC and FSS facilities have discontinued the broadcast of in-flight advisories. HIWAS is an additional source of hazardous weather information which makes these data available on a continuous basis. It is not, however, a replacement for preflight or in-flight briefings or real-time weather updates from Flight Watch (EFAS).

In South Dakota HIWAS can be received on the following VOR frequencies:

Pierre (PIR) VORTAC - 112.5 MHz
Sioux Falls (FSD) VORTAC - 115.0 MHz
Watertown (ATY) VORTAC - 116.6 MHz
Dupree (DPR) VORTAC - 116.8 MHz
Mitchell (MHE) VOR - 109.2 MHz
Philip (PHP) VOR – 108.4 MHz
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