Rural Transit

FEDERAL TRANSIT ADMINISTRATION (FTA) SECTION 5311 PROGRAM authorizes capital, administrative, operating assistance and training grants to state agencies, local governments, Indian tribes, and nonprofit organizations providing rural public transportation services. All projects must benefit residents in non-urbanized areas (under 50,000 population) of South Dakota. Section 5311 provides up to 80% federal share of the costs for administrative expenses, up to 80% for capital costs and up to 50% of the net operating deficit for rural transit operations.

Coordinated community transit systems serving both the rural public and human service agencies are preferred applicants for Section 5311 grants.

Eligible Subgrantees

  • State Agencies
  • Local Governments
  • Indian Tribes
  • Operators of Public Transportation Services
  • Private Nonprofit Corporations

The Rural Technical Assistance Program (RTAP) available under Section 5311 provides grants for training at 100% federal share. Eligible subgrantees for RTAP training grants are administrative and operating personnel providing rural transit services areas of South Dakota.

For all grant application forms contact Lisa Donner, 605.773.4169 or Sallie Doty, 605.773.7038 or Doug Gorham, 605.773.8082


Public Transit Provider Map of the Service Areas

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