Highway: U.S. 14 (6th Street), Brookings

Project: P-PH 0014(177)421 PCN 546N & IM 0295(40)421 PCN 04TW

Location: U.S. 14 (6th Street) from 20th Avenue through 34th Avenue in Brookings

Improvement Type: Grading, PCC Pavement, Curb & Gutter, Storm Sewer, Water Main, Sanitary Sewer, Lighting, Bridge, Signing, Signals and Pavement Markings

When: Construction is scheduled for 2017 with a tentative start date of March 20, 2017.

Upcoming Work:

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Planned Improvements:

Project Layout

Project Phasing Layout

  • New concrete surfacing - 9 inch PCCP, curb & gutter, storm sewer, sidewalk, traffic signals, new 5-lane bridge with sidewalk on both sides and roadway lighting.
  • Numerous improvements at intersections include:
    • the widening of the intersection at 22nd Avenue to accommodate 7 lanes with dual left turning lanes
    • Sunrise Ridge Road will become a through street with a traffic signal
    • 25th Avenue intersection will be modified to a 3/4 intersection and no longer be signalized
    • Lefevre Drive intersection will be reconfigured to a 3/4 intersection
    • 32nd Avenue intersection will be widened to accommodate dual left turn lanes on the south side
    • intersection of 34th Avenue will be widened to accommodate left and right turn lanes.
  • A Tied Utility Project with the City of Brookings will replace current water and sanitary sewer lines along with some electrical ducting within the project limits.

4 phases of construction have been established for this project and are as follows

  • Phase 0: Preliminary prep work for project which includes installation of temporary traffic signals throughout the project and detour routes, traffic barrier installation, temporary surfacing at entrances/intersections for carrying traffic and asphalt strengthening/overlay on Minnesota Drive for local detour traffic.
  • Phase 1: Install traffic control on 6th Street moving westbound traffic to eastbound lanes to allow for construction of the westbound lanes. Install traffic control on I29 switching northbound traffic to southbound lanes and vice versa for structure removal and construction of Phase 1 Bridge. Removal and reconstruction of northbound on-ramp and southbound off-ramp at I-29 Exit 132. Closure of 22nd Avenue intersection (May 8 - August 11 tentatively) to allow for intersection reconstruction and utility installations.
  • Phase 2: Install traffic control on 6th Street moving traffic to newly constructed westbound lanes and Phase 1 Bridge to allow for the construction of eastbound lanes, removal of existing eastbound Bridge and complete Phase 2 Bridge. Removal and reconstruction of southbound on-ramp and northbound off-ramp at I29 Exit 132
  • Phase 3: Complete proposed median pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalks and service roads that were not completed during phases 1 and 2.

Traffic Affects:

22nd Avenue Closure Detour - effective May 30 for 75 days

NEW: 6th Street and 22nd Avenue Intersection To Re-open Sunday 7/23

Through traffic and over-width traffic will be detoured to I-29 and the U.S. 14 bypass. Local traffic will be detoured onto State Avenue and Sunrise Ridge Road from the south and 9th Street and Sunrise Ridge Road from the north. No Parking will be allowed along the detour routes for the duration of the closures and will be signed accordingly.

Two-way traffic will be maintained on the remainder of 6th Street during construction with one half of the roadway constructed at a time. Drivers needing to access the industrial park area are encouraged to use the U.S. 14 bypass and 34th Avenue. Please allow extra time for travel if utilizing these routes.

There will be a number of speed reductions including, 45 mph on the Highway 14 bypass along the detour route; a 30 mph speed reduction for 6th Street through the project limits and I-29 traffic speed will be reduced to 65 mph through the bridge construction limits just north and south of Exit 132.

The contractor will be installing "Business Signs" along the local detour routes to help direct the local traffic to access points for the affected businesses.

Projectt Update: 2018 Construction Work</p>

The Contractor has completed work through Phase 2 and was able to start on Phase 3 work last fall in 2017. Work is scheduled to start as soon as the weather and conditions allow. Overall completion for all remaining work is June 30, 2018.

Remaining Phase 3 work to complete consists of reconstruction of the Service Roads on the west end of the project on the north and south sides of 6th Street, installation of a curb island on the north side of the intersection of 34th Avenue, removal of the service road from Sunrise Ridge Road to the Wall Mart Access Road on the north side of 6th Street, permanent pavement marking tape placement, bridge end treatments and surface finish, removal of detour ramps on I29, and miscellaneous punchlist items.

Traffic affects for remaining work should be minimal with lane closures utilized through work areas along 6th Street and I29. Flagging will need to be utilized during Service Road reconstruction and will create some delays and inconvenience at those locations along the Service Roads.

Bi-Weekly Construction Updates/Newsletters:



Prime/Concrete Contractor: BX Civil & Construction, Inc., Dell Rapids, SD
Structure Contractor: SFC Journey Group, Sioux Falls, SD
Grading/Base/Asphalt Contractor: Bowes Construction, Brookings, SD
Underground Contractor: Winters Brothers Underground, Brookings, SD
Traffic Control Contractor: Construction Signing Corp., Sioux Falls, SD
Lighting Contractor: Muth Electric, Mitchell, SD
Staking Contractor: Banner Associates, Inc., Brookings, SD
Sealing Contractor: National Sealant, Oconto, Wisconsin

Project Completion:

The contractor will have 75 calendar days to complete work and reopen the intersection of 22nd Avenue during phase 1. I-29 Exit 132 ramps will have 21 calendar days for each ramp closure to allow for removal and replacement. Interim completion for the project is Nov. 3, 2017 which includes Phase 0-2. Overall field completion date is June 30, 2018.

Project Meetings

Weekly project meetings are open to the public and are planned for every Thursday at 9 a.m. in the Brookings DOT Conference Room, 2131 34th Ave., Brookings

For more information regarding the project, please contact John Rittershaus at john.rittershaus@state.sd.us or by phone at 605.688.5001.

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