Project: P 1774(04) PCN # 02SE Pennington County

Location: East North Street from East of Herman Street intersection to East of Lacrosse Street intersection in Rapid City, SD.

Improvement Type: Reconstruction

What is being built?

East North Street is being reconstructed to complete utility upgrades to water and storm sewer.

East North Street will be reconstructed from approximately 180 feet East of the intersection with Herman Street to west of the intersection with Pine Street. This section includes the reconstruction of the intersection of Lacrosse and East North Street.

In conjunction with the reconstruction of the road segments, the storm sewer and water utilities will be upgraded.

Construction Update – February 12, 2014

Upper Plains has completed work on the south side of E. North Street between Lacrosse Street and Herman Street (Phase III), the north side of East North Street between Lacrosse Street and Herman Street (Phase IV), and the north leg of Lacrosse Street has also been completed (Phase I) except the permanent signals and pavement striping. The project is currently suspended for the winter. All lanes of traffic are open and all signal systems, permanent and temporary, are in operation. The Contractor has scheduled a public meeting for February 25th to inform the public of his plans to begin work the first part of March 2014. The overall completion date is May 16, 2014.

Project Updates can be found on UPCI website: http://www.upci.biz/project.php?ID=79

Please direct any questions, comments or concerns that you may have to: Logan Wherry, 605-626-1134, loganw@upci.biz.

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