Project: EM 0385(15)0 PCN # 00D0 Fall River County

Location: Start 1/2 mile north of Oelrichs or Highway Junction 385 & 18 south on Highway 385 to the South Dakota/Nebraska state line (13.2 miles).

Improvement Type: Reconstruction and Final Completion is October 1, 2014

What is being built?

The last portion of the four-lane Heartland Expressway is being built from Oelrichs to the Nebraska state line on Highway 385. The two northbound lanes will be constructed while traffic remains on the existing highway. The contract was let to Loiseau Construction of Flandreau for $25.2 million.

Construction Update for 2014 (March 10, 2014)

In 2013, the northbound lanes of Highway 385 were paved from one-half mile north of Oelrichs to five miles south of Oelrichs at the railroad tracks where the highway goes back to two lanes.

Tentatively, and weather permitting, in April 2014, construction will continue with Loiseau Construction grading the last eight miles of northbound lanes from the railroad tracks to the Nebraska State Line. Motorists can expect heavy truck traffic hauling gravel material for the new northbound lanes. Grangaard Construction will be pouring a concrete deck on the Horsehead Creek Bridge five miles south of Oelrichs.

In May or June 2014, Stanley Johnsen Concrete will begin paving the newly graded northbound lanes while Loiseau will places gravel on the shoulders of the newly paved highway.  Bituminous Paving follows up by paving asphalt shoulders at Oelrichs.

Grangaard Construction will have a temporary detour to install a box culvert nine miles south of Oelrichs.

In July or August 2014, Bituminous Paving will place an asphalt overlay on the existing southbound lanes of Highway 385 from one-half mile south of Oelrichs to the Nebraska State Line - approximately 12 miles.

Completion of all four lanes of Highway 385 are expected to be open by September 2014.

2013 Photos - Work Completed

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