S.D. 19 Humboldt

Project: P-PH 0019(31)73; PCN 025Z; Minnehaha & Lake Counties

Location: Project begins at the Highway 38 junction in Humboldt and goes north 23.5 miles to the Highway 34 junction near Madison.

Improvement Type: Shoulder Widening, Grading, Asphalt Concrete Surfacing, Lighting and Culvert Replacement

What is Being Built:

Lake County Portion: In 2014 the entire roadway was regraded to provide a wider safer roadway. As part of that construction, the surfacing on the roadway was turned to gravel. In 2015 the roadway will be surfaced with asphalt. As this is a new surface, it will received 2 lifts of asphalt.

Minnehaha County Portion: The 2014 project consisted of 11 miles of shoulder widening and 3 miles of full reconstruction. The Minnehaha County portion did have an asphalt surfacing that remained in place; however, it was in very rough condition. In 2015 a portion of the existing asphalt surfacing will be removed and it will be resurfaced with new asphalt.

The reconstruction of the roadway in 2014 & 2015 will provide improved site distances, improved drainage, improved roadway conditions, useable shoulders, and just an all-around safer road.

Construction Update for 2015 , (May 8th, 2015)

The grading contractor, Loiseau Construction, from 2014 is finishing up some work in the spring, including gravel placement, seeding, mulching, fencing, and clean-up. This work is anticipated to be finished by the middle of May.

Tentatively starting June 1st, Bowes Construction from Brookings SD will begin surface preparation in Lake County starting at the junction of Hwy 34 & 19 and working south. This work includes reshaping & recompacting the gravel surfacing to get it ready to be paved on. Then tentatively starting June 22nd, McLaughlin & Schulz from Marshall MN will begin asphalt paving starting at the junction of Hwy 34 & 19 and working south.

Mainline paving work on the project is anticipated to be finished by the end of July and all work on the project to be finished by August 14th.

The roadway will be open to all traffic during construction; however, there will be delays due to flagger and pilot car zones.


2014 Photos

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