S.D. 19 Humboldt

Project: P-PH 0019(31)73; PCN 025Z; Minnehaha & Lake Counties

Location: Project begins at the Highway 38 junction in Humboldt and goes north 23.5 miles to the Highway 34 junction near Madison.

Improvement Type: Shoulder Widening, Grading, Asphalt Concrete Surfacing, Lighting and Culvert Replacement

What is Being Built:

For the Lake County portion, the project will be a full reconstruction that will include removing the in-place surface, regrading of the existing roadway, replacing culverts, surfacing of the roadway with gravel, and added lighting at the Highway 34 junction.

For the Minnehaha County portion, the project will consist of 11 miles of shoulder widening and 3 miles of full reconstruction. In the shoulder widening sections the in-place surfacing will not be removed, however, the shoulders will be widened to 8 feet. In the fully reconstructed areas, the in-place surfacing will be removed, the roadway regraded and surfaced with asphalt. Culverts will be replaced in both sections as well as lighting added at the junction of Highway 38.

The reconstruction of the roadway will provide improved site distances, improved drainage, improved roadway conditions, useable shoulders, and an all-around safer road.

Construction Update for 2014, (October 16th, 2014)

Loiseau Construction has made good progress on the project in the month of September and so far in October with the drier weather. Loiseau is still anticipating finishing the majority of construction this year but may have some minor roadside work to finish up in the spring. The completion date of the project is November 26th, 2014 and the project is anticipated to be open to all traffic by this date.

In Minnehaha County Loiseau Construction Inc is currently conducting full grading operations between 255th St and 253rd St. Loiseau Construction currently has 8 miles of shoulder widening and 2.5 miles of full regrade completed in Minnehaha County.

In Lake County Loiseau Construction is also currently working on full regrading operations between 237th St and SD Hwy 34. Loiseau Construction currently has 7.5 miles of full reconstruction completed in Lake County.

Currently the project is closed to through traffic, and access is only being maintained as much as possible for emergency vehicles, mail carriers, school busses, and local traffic. A detour route is being provided along Highway 81 for non-local traffic.


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